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Vegetables Return To Canna Land

Poolside bed with leaf lettuce, dill and cilantro
Poolside bed with leaf lettuce, dill and cilantro

The poolside bed has been planted with canna rhizomes. They are starting to sprout! Before planting I dug out the soil and installed a plastic liner next to the block wall. This is meant to keep my water in my canna bed. I interplanted with leaf lettuce, dill ‘Bouquet’ and cilantro ‘Santos’. This is an experiment to see if the salad will have time to grow before the cannas shade it out. Stay tuned.

Martino's Roma - heirloom tomato
Martino’s Roma – heirloom tomato

Tomatoes have returned to Canna Land as well. The two varieties pictured here are planted in the pathway garden bed. The day after I set them out we had horrific wind, but they seem to have overcome.

Marvel Stripe - heirloom tomato
Marvel Stripe – heirloom tomato

I collected the seeds for Marvel Stripe from a grocery store tomato. I couldn’t believe it when they all came up!

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