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Awesome!! Natural Enemy Turns Fire Ants Into Zombies!

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

BWAaaa-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Exactly what their bite victims have been wishing would happen to them:

The flies “dive-bomb” the fire ants and lay eggs. The maggot that hatches inside the ant eats away at the brain, and the ant starts exhibiting what some might say is zombie-like behavior.

“At some point, the ant gets up and starts wandering,” said Rob Plowes, a research associate at UT.

The maggot eventually migrates into the ant’s head, but Plowes said he “wouldn’t use the word ‘control’ to describe what is happening. There is no brain left in the ant, and the ant just starts wandering aimlessly. This wandering stage goes on for about two weeks.”

About a month after the egg is laid, the ant’s head falls off and the fly emerges ready to attack any foraging ants away from the mound and lay eggs.

Who Is Hiding?

Saturday, December 6th, 2008

Canna 'Aztec'

Canna ‘Aztec’

Aztec is a medium height canna – about 5 ft. tall. It puts on a spectacular display with large flowerheads of yellow, orange and red.

Unusual bud or...praying mantis!

Unusual bud or…praying mantis

It's looking at me!

It’s looking at me!

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